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And now, he no longer wanted www.xvideos video x to reside in the gray limbo that had been his existence for the past four years. By the end of the day, he was physically and indian xvideos emotionally drained. Brodie showed up at his door around five in the evening, unexpected but welcome. Jax greeted him with a wan smile. "How'd you get here?" "Niamh brought me. I was worried about you and you weren't answering your cell." Jax opened the door wider so Brodie could come in. "I needed xxx videos to think." "I know," xxvideos Brodie said. "I can understand." Even x video.com though Brodie was only fourteen, he had a comforting strength emanating from him that had nothing to do with his physical size. Jax was glad he had come. "Brodie," Jax said abruptly. "A lot has been going on." "No shit," Brodie xxx videos said. "Are we friends Brodie?" Brodie looked at Jax quizzically. "I mean really. I don't want you to feel sorry for me. You're...nice." "Jax," Brodie queried, "Why telugu xvideos would I feel sorry for you?" Brodie surveyed Jax from head to toe. Jax's silky black hair was expertly and professionally cut. The clothes he was wearing were casual x videos.com but made of obviously expensive material and plainly tailored xxxvideos www.xvideos.com and designed to fit Jax's slender frame. Jax had an air of confidence and sophistication that he didn't even recognize. Brodie said, "I mean, look at you. Look at your house, xvideos.con your xvideos hd car, your clothes." "None of that means anything." "It does when you don't have it," Brodie xx videos said. "But yeah, we're friends and no, I don't feel sorry for you. I wouldn't x.videos have survived the past few months at the Paris School without you." "You could have done xvideos japan that on your own," Jax said impatiently. "You helped me get the right clothes so I would feel more comfortable there. You took me to parties. You introduced me to people." Jax made a dismissive gesture at Brodie's words. Brodie looked xxvideo xvideo gay at Jax and said, "I don't think you really understand how much I hate it there. And how much I didn't want to go. I was fine where I was. All xvideos video of that shit really xvideoscom isn't important to me, truth be told. But getting it right made xxxvideo life a lot easier xvideos anal for me. You xvideos.com made it tolerable, more than tolerable," Brodie said. "I would have hated it even more without you." "But, you had Cutt and Sinclair," Jax argued. "Yeah, me and Sinclair indian xvideos and Cutt were cool, but I was never really close xvideos download to www.xvideos.com them like Christian is. Never tight with them like me and you. You're my best friend. I always feel like...I don't know. Like I have to be perfect. Remember that day?" Jax gave him an inquiring look out xvideos gays of tired gay xvideos blue xvideos 2 eyes and said, "Sorry, don't make me think too hard today. My brain cells are fried." Brodie said, "The day you asked me didn't I get tired of saving the world. I knew then that to you it didn't matter if I was perfect or not. I'll never forget that." www.xvideos Overcome with a burst of affection and the myriad of emotions he had been experiencing over the past twenty-four hours, Jax moved in front of Brodie, stood www.xvideos com on tiptoe, pulled Brodie's head down and kissed him on the lips. Brodie returned the kiss with an audible smack and then wrapped his arms around Jax tenderly. Jax froze with surprise. He had expected anything but that. He leaned back in the circle xvideos gay of Brodie's enfolding arms to find Brodie smiling down at him happily, blue green eyes full of warmth and friendliness. Oblivious. In those moments, Jax finally xvideos download realized that Brodie was never going to be xvideos.com anything other than his best friend. The last tiny ember of hope burnt out. Brodie loved him. And that was enough. It would have to be. ********************************** They were rockin' tonight. They were all in the zone and it had been like this all night long. Over the past four years, it xvideos video rarely happened all at once like this. Usually, one or the other xxxvideo of them would be in the zone and pull the others in too. But tonight they were all in xvideos xvideos the same space at the same time. When it occurred spontaneously like this, it was truly magical. The crowd was on the same vibe. The five of them shared ecstatic grins, high on the music they were creating and the energy from the audience. The owner of the small but popular nightclub, Brent, gave them a nod, signaling that they could slow down and take a break whenever they wanted. At the end of the set, they went back stage and into xvideoss the xvideos.con break room. "Did you see that guy pushing his girlfriend around?" xvidoes Brodie asked Jax. "Yeah I did and Brodie, that's what Brent xvideos brasil has bouncers for. If you want, we xvideos red can go tell him so that he can have them keep an eye on the guy," Jax replied. "They're too busy flirting with that table full of ladies." "Let's tell him anyway," x videos Jax said. Brent received the information gratefully and told them that he would have the bouncers check it out and stay on top of it if there was xvideos com really a problem. When they returned to the stage, Jax eyed Brodie worriedly. Brodie was still trying to save the world whether the world wanted to be saved or not. Brodie began x-videos to play the intro to the next song, one of his favorites. He and Jax had xvideo com written it together. He tried to ignore the guy who had been xvideos hd drunkenly arguing with his girlfriend all evening but it was hard. He hated bullies. He hated men who used their strength to hurt people physically weaker than they. When xvideos indo he was around five or six years old, he had awakened in the middle of the night thirsty and having to pee at the same time. xvideos porn He had heard noises and walked down the stairs. As the youngest, he was used to spying around to find out things he needed to xvidos.com know. He had peeped into the living room. He saw his mother quietly struggling with some guy she had brought home with xvedios her. Even at that age, he had known why Peggy was silent; she didn't want to awaken and scare her kids. Brodie dove onto the xx videos guy's back and screamed for help xvideos indo at the same xvideos tamil time. The guy dislodged him roughly and slammed Brodie onto the xxx videos floor. Cullen had come running up the basement stairs and gone berserk when he saw his mother's bruised face mom xvideos and his youngest brother sprawled onto the floor. 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That incident had an incredible impact on Brodie. He had been so terrified, felt so helpless. It was part of their family folklore now and the others laughed it off but at the time Brodie had been petrified. He had promised himself that he would not ever stand by and watch someone get hurt. He tried to shrug the childhood memory away but he wondered xvideos com if this couple had any xvideos tamil children at home. If this asshole knew how...stop it Brodie, he told himself. Stop xvideos japanese making this your problem. He continued playing. It wasn't obvious to xvideo anyone but the band that he was slightly distracted. Jax had a bad feeling. He was watching the couple too and saw how Brodie's eyes narrowed when the guy roughly grabbed his girlfriend by the arm to keep her from getting up from the table. Jax tried unsuccessfully to get Brent's attention. He eyed the bouncers with frustration. They were huge, muscle bound and mean looking but just like Brodie said, they seemed to spend more time flirting with women than doing their job. Jax heaved a relieved sigh when he saw the couple leave shortly before the show ended. When they finished mom xvideos xvideo com the last set, with the ease of long practice, they quickly loaded Cutt's SUV with their equipment. Sinclair left with Christian. Jax indian xvideos and xvedios Brodie walked around to the front where they had parked. xvedio As they walked around the corner, Jax stopped moving abruptly. "Brodie," he said, full of an inexplicable dread. Brodie absorbed the scene with one quick glance. The couple he had seen earlier was fighting in the parking lot. The guy was trying to get his girlfriend into his xvideo.com truck and wwwxvideos.com she was x.videos pulling away from videos x him. Jax grabbed Brodie by the hand, filled with a premonition of disaster. "Brodie let's go get help. We can go xvideos xvideos and get one of the bouncers," he said insistently. "You run get help. I'll try and get him to leave her alone," Brodie said. Jax started to protest but xvideos xvideos realized that he would be wasting his breath. desi xvideos Unwillingly, he left Brodie there and ran to grab one of the bouncers. Brodie walked over to the couple. "Why don't you leave her alone?" he asked. The guy looked at Brodie and snarled, "Mind your fucking business." The xvideos hd girl looked at Brodie helplessly, continuing to resist, but afraid to xvide ask Brodie to help her. "Just chill, man and leave her alone," Brodie said evenly. "Doesn't look like she wants x video.com to go with you." He edged closer. Distracted, the guy released his hold on his girlfriend and turned to face Brodie. Just as she was turning to get away, the guy reached for her again. Brodie was never able xvideos gays to get what happened next straight in his mind. 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He felt a sharp stinging sensation in his abdominal area. His xvideos porn chin drifted towards his chest and he saw a black area spreading like spilled ink across his favorite white shirt. His body felt too heavy to remain standing; his knees buckled ever so slowly. He hit the ground forcefully, weighted with the density of his heavily muscled body. He crumpled onto his side, bones rattling painfully as he landed onto the graveled pavement of the parking lot. Although his vision and other senses had dimmed, his hearing was extremely acute. The girl's sudden screams were excruciatingly hurtful to his ears. Amazingly, xvideos 2 beneath xvideos porno her shrill, siren like wails, Brodie could hear Jax's voice, frantic and xvideos tense with fear. "Brodie, Brodie, free xvideos oh God, Brodie. Call 911," Jax xvideos video yelled urgently. "Call fucking 911. Now." Brodie's vision grayed and blurred. He felt hands x videos.com on his body and then nothing. He was xxxvideos gone. 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He knew it shouldn't be true, but it was: I cannot live video x without him. The paramedics quickly and efficiently placed Brodie on a gurney and prepared him for transport to porn xvideos the hospital. Jax told the police what he knew, then accepted Brent's offer of a ride to the hospital. On the way, he xvideos brasil called Sinclair and told telugu xvideos her what happened. He xvideos indian asked her to tell Brodie's mother. He did not want to give xvidios Peggy the news over the phone. Sinclair assured him that she would get over to Brodie's mom's house as soon as possible and then meet him at the hospital. xvieos Jax's mind and will xvidos were wholly directed towards Brodie. It www xvideos com was as if he thought it would keep Brodie alive. When Jax arrived at the xvidios hospital, he was surprised and relieved to see Brodie's Mom and brother, Cullen there. Peggy, Brodie's mom, walked over to xvideos porno Jax. When she brushed his hair away from his face, he fought to keep from crying. The gesture was something Brodie had done a thousand times over the years. "Hey, honey," she said softly. "You ok?" Jax nodded his head. "Is Brodie alright? Have you seen him?" he asked. "Derek is checking on him xxxvideos now," Peggy said. Jax had forgotten that Derek, Niall's boyfriend, was xvideos.com an ER physician. Shannon arrived, carrying cups xvideos free of coffee for Cullen and Peggy. xvideos. com "Shannon, would you mind staying here with mom?" Cullen asked. "Jax, hd xvideos wanna come out to the truck with me? I have an extra shirt in my work bag." Jax looked down at himself in surprise. He had forgotten that he had used his xvideos hentai shirt to staunch x video the blood. Brodie's blood. He then did something he hadn't done for a very long time. He looked at his wrists. And then he noticed the blood on his hands. 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Niall put www.xvideos his arm around Jax's shoulders. Jax put his hands to his face. "I can't..." he said, voice muffled, not finishing his statement when he realized that he was talking to Brodie's brother. www.xvideo "Can't xvideos porno what?" Niall asked gently. "Nothing," desi xvideos Jax said tamil xvideos hoarsely. xvideo.com Niall carefully pulled Jax's hands away from his face. The look of xvideos .com quiet desperation in Jax's eyes frightened him. He had seen that look too often in his own mirror not to know what it meant. "You're family," Niall said to Jax firmly, wwwxvideos "and family sticks together. You're staying here with us." Peggy walked over to them. "C'mere baby," she said, xvideos japanese holding out her arms. Jax looked at her for a moment and then walked into her embrace. He held himself stiffly at first and xvids then; unable to resist xvido the warmth emanating from her, relaxed in xxvideos her arms. Even after getting to know this family over xvideo.com the past several years, he still hadn't become accustomed to the idea that they cared about him and considered him one of them. It seemed to be too good to be true. "He's going to be fine," Peggy whispered soothingly into Jax's ear. "He's young, he's strong and he has us." Peggy led Jax over to the chairs where the rest of them were sitting. As xvideos he looked at all of the O'Briens sitting side-by-side, Jax couldn't help but notice their striking mom xvideos beauty. Tall, xx videos blond hair, blue xvideos .com eyed, skin color of various hues. Brodie was the only one with red hair, but his bone structure was wwwxvideos the same as his brothers' www.xvideo and sisters'. His features were like theirs fine, almost angelic. They all had the same hard edge, even the cutest one, Niall and the sweetest one, Mary Katherine. Brodie's hard edge was due to O'Brien grit and stubbornness. The rest had earned theirs, growing japanese xvideos up in Baltimore next door to the projects. Brodie had been sheltered from that. The love they had for one another was clearly evident. Cullen and Shannon were on the other side of Peg, keeping a gay xvideos watchful eye on her. Derek was in and out periodically, xvideoss giving them updates on Brodie's condition and checking on Niall. Niamh and Niall were sitting close, hands entwined. Quinn had his arm xvidios around Mary Katherine. Kai and Lacey sat on each side of Dyllan, holding xvideoscom his hands. The other members of Earth Magic xvideos mom were obviously just as anxious and concerned. Sinclair sat between Cutter and Christian, face tight with worry. "Remember that time when he gay xvideos was around eleven and Brodie said he wasn't going xvideos jp to talk for a week, that he was only gonna 'communicate by sax?'" Peggy asked, interrupting the xvideos. com tense, unnatural silence. www xvideos.com "Yeah," Quinn said, worried blue eyes lighting with amusement. Mary Katherine added, "Yeah, xvideos japan he said that if he couldn't make us understand him, it meant he couldn't japanese xvideos play for shit." "What happened?" Jax asked. "Believe it or not," xvide Cullen said, "even at that age, that boy could play. He made that sax talk." Jax looked at Cullen with disbelief. Cullen nodded his head. "Yeah, not talk so that wwwxvideos you could xvideos com distinguish the words. But somehow, you could get what he xvideoss meant. You've heard him play. You know what I xvideo gay mean." Mary Katherine said. Jax nodded. He stood up and walked over to where Sinclair, Cutter and Christian xxvideo were sitting. He squatted down in front of them. "Are you guys okay?" he asked. They nodded. "What about you? Are YOU okay?" Sinclair asked. "You look like shit," she added bluntly. Jax smiled faintly. Time had not dulled Sinclair's forthrightness or her loyalty to those she loved. Her dark eyes were shadowed with concern. x video "I'm okay," Jax said. Cutt looked at Peggy and said, "Did xvideos .com you know videos x that even the nuns at St. Mary's xvideos indian xvideo called Brodie The Enforcer?" Peggy smiled and said, "No." Jax looked at Cutter in xvideos jp inquiry. "You know how Brodie used to keep those guys at the Paris School in check?" Jax nodded. "Well, St. Mary's was even smaller than the videos x Paris school and Brodie had the whole school in check. He got the name Dirty Harry because he was "The Enforcer." Any time the older xvido kids would pick on the littler ones or anything like that, Brodie was there kicking ass." Cutt started laughing, "One time, when I was in the office, I heard them paging Brodie to the office, Sister Mary Helen, the principle, asked Sister Bernadette, the Vice Principle, 'For heaven's sake, xvideos free what www.xvideo.com in the world has The Enforcer done now?' xvidio I all but died laughing. She would have died if she had known I overheard." The rest of them laughed. "Well y'all don't know the rest of the story," Cullen said ruefully. "The person you know as "The Enforcer" is www xvideos com my little brother who came home damn near every day in first grade with bruises, loose teeth and a bloody nose from trying to rescue and defend the rest of the x vedios school." Cullen smiled, remembering the earnest look on Brodie's little freckled face as he tried to explain why he HAD to defend people. "People aren't supposed to hurt other people, right Cullen?" the six year old had asked. Cullen had tried to reason with him but Brodie wasn't having it. Finally, Cullen said to him what he had told the rest of his brothers and sisters and Lacey when she had been not that much older than Brodie, "Ok, I'm gonna teach you to fight. When I finish with you, no one will be able to kick your ass but me." Brodie lived in the principal's office, but he porno xvideos never got called to the office for using the fighting skills x videos.com xvidos Cullen had taught him against anyone else, other than in self-defense or protecting someone else. Cullen's fought back tears xvideos anal as he thought about the boy they all called "The Baby." The youngest, the only x video one with the red www.xvideo.com hair the rest of them had marveled over when Peggy had brought him home from the hospital. The one they had each vowed to love and protect as he was passed from one of them to the x videos other and finally back to Peg. They each had their special relationship with Brodie. Their mother had raised them to love each other and look out for each other but Brodie was special. He was "The Baby." *********************************** 7 Over the next few days, they worked japanese xvideos out a schedule so they could take turns staying at the hospital with Brodie. Somehow, they all ended up at the hospital together anyway. Brodie had been unconscious for three days. He xvideos porn had been xvideos free taken off the ventilator on the second day and was breathing on his own. Jax was sitting next to Brodie and clasping his hand. Jax's face desi xvideos was pale and tamil xvideos drawn with fatigue and he had dark purple, bruised looking circles beneath his eyes. His eyes were focused on Brodie intently, repeating his efforts to will Brodie into wakefulness. Derek had explained that the fact that Brodie was now breathing on his own was a good sign. Softly Jax began to www xvideos sing, "Try not to get worried. Try not xvidos.com to turn onto problems that xvidio upset you. Don't you know everything's alright...." Peggy's eyes widened. She had always heard Jax sing with the band but never without accompaniment. She knew he was talented but didn't know he had the voice of an angel. The sweet clarity of his singing brought her to her feet and drew her closer. She watched quietly as her youngest son's best friend sang to him with such tender devotion. She backed away little by little, not xxvideos wanting to disrupt the intimacy or www.xvideos com to embarrass Jax. Brodie looked down at the boy lying in the bed and the boy sitting next to him. They really weren't boys xvidoes anymore. They were men now. He turned towards the figure standing xvideos in next to him for a few seconds and then back towards the voice. The voice soothed and healed. Brodie moved closer, lured by the love and yearning audible in the voice. Jax stopped singing. "Brodie. Please. Come xvideos teen back." He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes, and then lowered his hands almost angrily. Crying would not bring Brodie back. He resumed singing brokenly and after a few moments wwwxvideos.com his voice gathered strength. Brodie advanced even closer. "Go back," she said. "He xvideos 2 needs you and you xvidio need him. You ain't nowheres near done yet," she said. She had appeared next to him as he stood alone within the light. He couldn't tell how xvideos mom www.xvideo long he had been there. She was suddenly there and it felt as though she had always been there. There xvideos red was something familiar about her. xvids She moved in front of him so that they stood face to face. The glow dimmed xxvideo and her features gained xvidos clarity. She allowed him to study her features. He gazed at her with growing wonder, and porn xvideos then turned towards Jax once again. He wanted to go back. She smiled, a sweet and tender curving of her lips, and said, "When the free xvideos time is right, you'll remember. When you do, tell my little old man, xvieos that when he sings, I hear him. Go on, it's okay." She disappeared before he xvideos anal could answer. "That's me," he thought with surprise as he continued to x vedios observe the two men. And Jax. He was singing as though his life depended upon it. Jax's voice sang Brodie home, soaring into the heavens, winding around his heart and soul, awakening him, x vedios compelling him, and entreating him to return. Between one second and the next Brodie was spiraling downwards and into his body. His eyes fluttered open, burning and watering from the harsh glare of the overhead light. He managed to croak, "Jesus Christ Superstar," playing the game of one-upmanship that he and Jax had started in high school, where they would sing or play songs for each other and make the other one guess the song. Even though he xvideos in had been staring intently at Brodie, Jax jumped when he heard the raspy voice. Their eyes met and held for an eternity. Relief warred with anger as Jax realized that Brodie was awake and alive. Instead of wwwxvideos.com the jubilation he expected to feel, there was a spurt of fury that he quickly suppressed. Brodie looked at Jax searchingly. There was a look on Jax's face he hadn't seen in a very long time. Jax's eyes were shadowed with pain. Three words hung suspended in the air between them. "I'm here now." A promise. A vow. Jax stood up abruptly. "I'm going to get your mother and tell the nurses you're awake." He x-videos didn't look at Brodie. Brodie struggled to speak. "Wait," he said hoarsely. Jax raised weary, sky blue eyes to Brodie's. The three words twisted in the air between them, unsaid but echoing in the silence nevertheless. Jax turned around to go. Brodie saw him do something he hadn't se